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Block Wall, Masonry Wall, Concrete Wall Repairs In Phoenix, AZ.

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Concrete Repair

Whether you own a residential home that has sustained damage to its foundation, or your basement has a leak that needs to be repaired and waterproofed, we are here.

Retaining Wall Repair

If you retraining wall is showing signs of failing such as tilting, separation, cracking, or water and root erosion, it is important to fix it before the problem becomes worse.


Regardless if you have a commercial building, parking garage, or house, every structure should be waterproofed to reduce the risk of costly and unsafe damages.

Do You Have Signs Of A Failing Retaining Wall?

Tilting of the retaining wall is a red flag, indicating foundational shifting or soil pressure issues. Visible buckling, cracks, or crumbling are clear signs of structural weakness and could forewarn an imminent collapse. Water erosion is another serious concern, as it can wash away the support of your retaining wall, leading to instability. Let our experts ensure inspect and repair for any of these issues.

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We love working with the great people of Arizona, and getting to see the things we’ve worked on repairing, from the beginning of the project through to completion.

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A-1 Has been in business for over 30 years proudly serving Arizona.

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We provide quality work and take pride in what we install.

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